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In digital marketing content is King!

The analytics attached are for the last two weeks of the SoMD Pork in the Park Facebook page. The event is the May 16th festival for CP Local Events.

In social media marketing content is key. Take note of the performance between week 1 and week 2. The change was in the type and quality of the content being posted. Week 1 we posted 8 times, week 2 we posted 14 times but look at the difference in post reach and post engagements.

The difference was the type and quality of the content. Study your #DataAnalytics and make changes based on what they are telling you. Then track the results, reevaluate and repeat until you find the right mix.

Keep your eyes open for information about the coming Master Class in Social Media Marketing from the Eswatini Bridge Project. Information coming soon.

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