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Are you having confidence issues around the social media content you are creating?

Two things come to mind. 1 try not to over analyze yourself or your work or your perception of your skill level. In general, people do business with and respond to other people. If you see value/bennifit in the content you create it is likely that other people will see value/bennifit in it too.

2, to a degree you have to separate yourself from your work. Most nuances or perceived "flaws" that you may see will not be noticed by others. I believe that volume/speed is more important than "quality". Quality in the artistic world is very subjective and can have many definitions. If you produce a large volume of content (fast) you can look at the responses (comments, likes, shares) that you get from your audience and adjust your style based on that feedback.

Focus on the people you are trying to connect with and you will be fine.

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