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Internet Education

Map of the internet, from your computer to the world wide web

     So the internet seems like a huge cloud that connects straight to your laptop or phone to give you wifi in your home but there is a lot more to it.  The internet sends data in the form of a Packet. The packet is filled with important information such as size, data, type, source and destination so it can get to the right place. Now let's say packets are people and the internet just a big subway. Now to get end destination in this case the Cloud station they need to ride the subway to each stop on the way there from the original stop. The Cloud is the world wide web of routers and switches connecting everything together.  


     So the first stop is your laptop which is where that packet gets on. Next the packet travels through your LAN network (local area network) containing many other packets under your router. The internet train takes it to your router stop, then the router will move it to the correct network it is traveling to. The packet travels to your Internet Service Provider stop which is another router that connects to the cloud.  Your ISP sends it to the Cloud and travels on a similar subway throughout the cloud where the search you made on your laptop finds the data it's looking for. Once it finds its destination it does what it needs to do, it rides the train back to your laptop and gives you the information. Congratulations you know how the internet is structured.

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